Company Overview:

Our company was formed to help your company manage its incidents, trend the data collected, and create positive change toward a safer workplace. As a Safety Professional working in the Oil and Gas industry, I decided to build a system that worked. The easy to use tools are fully linked and allow your company to enter data into one tool and pull that same data into all the other tools to save you time. We believe that effective incident management saves lives and money and we are dedicated to ensuring you have every tool at your disposal to do just that. Check out our services for a complete list of our tools offered.

Not only does the website help you manage your safety, it provides each customer with the opportunity to build a searchable public profile to help other companies find your business. Have a demanding Corporation that wants to verify your safety records before allowing you to bid for a job? Simply have them log into a FREE Operator account.

Operators: has incorporated a very special search engine that allows Operators to search through our customers' profiles and find the safest contractors to employ. This tool helps connect safe, reliable companies with responsible Operators who see the benefits of good contractor management.